Sibling Goals: Best Jewellery Gifts For Raksha Bandhan

Sibling Goals: Best jewellery gift for Raksha Bandhan
Picture credit: RK Jewellers South Ex-2

Once we grow up, we move on to our respective lives but sibling bond remains special forever. Certainly, because they are your first playmate, secret keeper, and yes, a partner in crime too.

Besides, you’ve grown together, faced similar life challenges, also seen each others’ best and worst, and yes, the little sacrifices you make for each other. Even if it meant giving the bigger candy to you, is such a special memory today when we live in different cities or a world apart, and what better occasion than Raksha Bandhan to thank them for being there for you, always.

Here are some of the design marvels and Raksha Bandhan jewellery collections that will bring back the memories of the good old days.

Gold earrings from Reliance Jewels 

This Raksha Bandhan gift your sister something she’ll cherish for a long time. These striking gold earring from Reliance Jewels is inspired by India’s famous Tarkashi work that symbolises the thread of love, trust, and togetherness. So, if you are looking to gift something unique and eye-catching, these gold earrings are a perfect gift to make your sister feel special.

Shop the gold earrings collection here.

Polki and gemstone ring by Dassani Brothers

If your sister is interested in going after a bold statement ring, then this Polki and gemstone ring by Dassani Brothers will be the perfect gift for her. On the joyous occasion of Raksha Bandhan, Dassani Brothers has introduced their special collection, #ekatuutrishta. This one-of-a-kind ring from the collection is handcrafted with polkis and precious gemstones that makes it a pure portrayal of love and affection.

Explore the ring and other pieces from the collection here.

Dainty pendant set by Kohgem

‘Delicate Delights’- Raksha Bandhan jewellery gifts by Kohgem are perfect for daily wear and the endearing designs will remind your sister of your support all day long. These dainty pendants are the small wonders of beauty that are sure to leave a spellbinding upshot. Enrapturing the senses with lightweight rings, dainty neckpieces, and airy earrings, the collection is a must-have in every modern jewellery box to make a subtle yet strong style statement. 

Take a look at their awe worthy collection here.

Simpatico by RK Jewellers South Ex-2

This Raksha Bandhan, celebrate the simply sweet sibling sentiment with Simpatico by RK Jewellers South Extension 2. This collection features daily wear statement rings and minimal necklaces along with elegant everyday earrings, in glistening diamonds and striking gemstones.

The collection is the spellbinding expression of the love and care that a brother holds in his heart for his darling sister. An elite collection of exclusive and graceful jewellery gifting options to make your sister feel extremely special and loved.

The collection is available at RK Jewellers store – E -5, South Extension -2, New Delhi.

Platinum collection from Platinum Evara by PGI India 

This Raksha Bandhan, gift your sister precious platinum jewellery! Celebrate the rare bond with your sister by gifting her unique and exquisitely crafted platinum jewellery pieces that are extremely versatile and can be worn not only on a daily basis but also for special occasions! 

Find the platinum collection here

All the thank yous you owed, Sorrys you refused to say, these best jewellery gifts for Raksha Bandhan convey and how!

(By Jewelpedia’s Feature Desk, Mumbai)


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