Dassani Brothers Unveils Polki Earrings Collection

Dassani Brothers Unveils Polki Earrings Collection

Diamond is one of the most precious gemstones and even more exquisite when in its pure form, Polki. Polki is an uncut diamond that is timeless and adds to the glory of every attire. Dassani Brothers brings out the most elegant earrings collection exclusively crafted with uncut diamonds to augment the grace this year.

The collection comprises 22k gold earrings embellished with Polki (Uncut Diamonds), Emerald Beads, Emerald Mani, Ruby Beads, Cultured Pearls and South Sea Pearls. The Polki earrings are ready-to-go pieces as they are complete in themselves and require no other accessory to add to the look. They can be carried with traditional as well as modern attires as the opulence of the jewellery will compliment every apparel in its best form.

The classic style Polki earrings collection is a wonderful investment to pass down as heirlooms within families and to present to someone and make them feel really special. The Polki earrings are exclusively available in different colours and designs online. Also, customised pieces of jewellery can be crafted on special orders.

Dinesh Dassani, Partner at Dassani Brothers said, “It’s true that jewellery magnifies the beauty of every appearance but nothing can beat the grace when it’s in its raw form. We truly admire the attraction Polki jewellery creates and it is really astonishing how it grabs the attention in any event! Minimizing the weight, we thought of coming up with this eye-catching earrings collection which is complete on its own and doesn’t require heavy jewellery pieces.”


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