A Glimpse Into The Trinket Box Of A Maharashtrian Bride

Maharashtrian Traditional Jewellery
The traditional Maharashtrian jewellery is an exhaustive heritage to take pride in. Centuries-old, influenced by several cultures, Maharashtra’s treasure trove is full of varieties, in necklace, earrings, bangles, rings, anklets..., to adorn you from head to toe. Thanks to the movies and TV shows exploring the rich history of Maharashtra, there has been a tremendous rise in the demand for...

Stylish ‘Shangun Ke Kangan’ For Your Soon-to-be Daughter-in-law

Gold kangan designs pictures
In many cultures, the groom's mother gifts a set of Kangan (Shagun Ke Kangan) to the girl on their first meeting. It is a mark of acceptance and a nod to go ahead with the preparation of the marriage. It is also a symbolic way of showing faith in the capabilities of the new bride in fulfilling the responsibilities...

Top 3 Heirloom Jewellery For 2021

Indian Heirloom jewellery
A wedding is much more beyond just designer jewellery, fancy clothes, yummy food, and all the fun and frolic around it. It is also an emotional experience. While one family sends off their daughter to a new home, another preps up to welcome a new member into the family. On both the side, there is a tad excitement, a tad...