Solah Shringar For A Typical Indian Bridal Look

Solah Shringaar for a Typical Indian Bridal Look

Of the 16 steps of the Indian bridal look (Solah Shringar), 10 of the requisites are fulfilled by jewellery.

For the unversed, it includes bridal dress, bindi, sindoor, itra, kajal, mehendi, and various jewellery pieces. So what are those must-have jewellery pieces in an Indian bride’s ensemble? Take a look.

Head Adornment

Mathapatta Bridal Jewellery
Tanya Rastogi’s ‘Jewels of Awadh’

A head adornment sits pretty on the bride’s forehead like a crown. Different cultures have different styles of head adornment. While a Rajasthani bride wears it in a borla style Mangtikka, south Indian flaunt a full head Mathapatta.

Nose Accessory


Solah Shringar
Malabar Gold & Diamonds

Nose accessory is the highlight of the entire look, adding much-needed bling to your beauty. But again, a north Indian bride wears a nathiya that has a nose ring and a chain running up to the hair. Whereas Maharashtrian bride wears a typical Nath adorned with pearls.


Solah Shringar

A neckpiece adorns your neckline and infuses the royal charm into your look. No matter you wear a choker and Ranihaar from Rajasthan or Mangmala and temple jewellery from the south, it is the one piece that determines the lavishness of your ensemble.


Solah Shringar
Reliance Jewels

A pair of earrings outlines your face with the much-needed sparkle and shine exuded from the twinkling gold and diamonds every time you move. Here too you have options in Jhumkas, Chandbalis, and other styles of danglers with or without a hair chain.


Solah Shringar

Bangles draw attention to your hand. You can mix and match the colours in sync with your bridal dress. But when glass bangles or colourful metal bangles team up with gold bangles, it looks all the more enchanting.


Solah Shringar
Bajubandh by PNG Jewellers

An amulet, worn only in one of the upper arm, is another highlight of the whole bridal ensemble. This segment of jewellery is nothing short of design variety. From sleek ones to elaborate temple jewellery or art deco style, gold amulet are available in various fancy designs.


Solah Shringar
Haathphool by Tarun Tahiliani

Haathphool, in the backdrop of full-hand mehendi, adds a bridal charm into your hand. From the ones embellished with diamonds and gemstones to all-gold haathphool, this jewellery segment offers a stylish line up of designs to choose from.

Hair Accessories

Solah Shringar

Hair accessories come in a variety of designs and styles. Every culture has its own way of adorning the hair. While for some cultures a several metre long Gajra is enough, down south Keshapasharachana is one of the celebrated hair accessory.


Solah Shringar
Kamarbandh by Kashi Jewellers 

Kamarbandh, worn around the waist, round off the look like that of a goddess. It worn around your waistline, over the bridal dress, defining your silhouette.

Feet Adornment

Payal and bichuas, made in silver, together deck up the bride’s feet. So, prettify your feet with full-feet mehendi and alta, and then add the silvery sheet to them with a gorgeous pair of anklets and toe-rings. 

With this checklist of Solah Shringar, you are all set to walk the aisle with your Mr. Perfect.


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