Dassani Brothers Dedicates The Alluring Jewellery Collection To All Who Enlighten Our Lives With Knowledge & Discipline

Dassani Brothers Collection

Gurus make us what we are and guide us to lead a peaceful life. A guru can also be anyone who imparts knowledge, shapes us and leaves a forever impact on our lives. Dassani Brothers with reverence launch the Alluring Jewellery collection for all mentors this Guru Purnima to intensify the glory of the tradition.

The Alluring collection is a fusion of men’s & women’s jewellery pieces comprised of Neckpieces, Earrings and Tennis bracelets for women and Kurta & Sherwani buttons for men. The jewellery pieces are crafted in 18kt and 22kt gold and embedded with Diamonds (syndicate quality Uncut, Polki and round brilliant-cut), Emeralds (beads, mani, faceted & cabochon) and Pearls (culture & south sea).

One can present these jewellery pieces to their teachers, parents, siblings, friends, spouse, colleagues or those who have positively influenced their life. The collection is designed and handcrafted by skilled artisans and technicians to ensure the quality of the jewellery.

The Alluring jewellery collection is exclusively available online. Also, customized jewellery pieces are available on pre-orders.

Dinesh Dassani, Partner at Dassani Brothers said, “Jewellery has truly become an integral part of our lives, be it an occasion or a regular day, we carry our favourite jewellery pieces wherever we go and even we gift jewellery to our loved ones to make them feel special. So why not appreciate those who have guided us in our most difficult times? Why can’t we make them feel special for what they’ve done? We dedicate a whole collection to venerate our gurus .”


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