Celebrate Life, Craftsmanship And Vibrancy With The Diamond Store by Chandubhai’s ‘Mitra-Mivaan’ Collection

Hyderabad-based jeweller, The Diamond Store by Chandubhai has once again come up with a beautifully curated assortment of diamond jewellery that is based on the brilliance of the rays of Sunlight, which denotes positivity, finding your inner light, and celebrating life.

The new collection – Mitra-Mivaan (friendly rays of the sun), is inspired by Pantone’s chosen colour of 2021- “yellow”, the colour of sunshine, optimism, and hope.

Yellow diamond jewellery
A choker necklace

Exquisitely studded with yellow diamonds, the designs are perfectly balanced and are stylish from every angle. Each design in the collection features stunning diamonds set in lustrous 18kt gold and is crafted using a 3D printing technique.

Yellow diamond jewellery
A diamond necklace
The Diamond Store has explored interesting shapes and patterns to stylise the pieces. The latest collection boasts of pieces from statement diamond necklaces, intricately designed chokers, and even stunning party essentials like earrings and bracelets.

Each jewellery set is a mark of fine workmanship and the imperishable quality and trust of the brand.



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