The 4Cs Of Tranquil Aquamarine – March Birthstone

Aquamarine ring Kohinoor jewellers Agra
Aquamarine ring By Kohinoor jewellers Agra

Birthstone for March natives, Aquamarine is named after the hues of seawater. It is a beautiful symphony of colour and clarity. While aquamarines bring lots of luck to the wearer, the way it amps up the glamour quotient is worth a mention. So this birthday, when you are looking to gift yourself, some shine, some style, here’s the 4Cs of aquamarines to consider before you make up your mind.

The aquamarine is pastel blue or greenish-blue. The dark blue to slightly greenish blue with no inclusions are considered the best and by meticulously cutting, the quality of these gems can be further enhanced. However, dark blue to slightly greenish blue with moderate intensity are among the most preferred gems. 

Even greenish-blue of over five carats is one of the most loved gems. In fine stones, there is no colour zoning in even blue colour gems. However, the deep blue colour is achieved after they are refined to the high temperature. A significant colour change can also be seen in gems after the refining process.  

Aquamarine ring Kohinoor Jewellers Agra
Aquamarine ring by Kohinoor Jewellers Agra

Most faceted aquamarines do not have eye-visible inclusions. Clean gems with good clarity are always in demand. But these days, aquamarines with inclusions and colour intensity are in trend as well. Wearers like to have them as a centerpiece in statement jewellery. As partially polished crystal slices or nuggets, aquamarines also adorn stylish neckpieces. 

The natural aquamarines don’t shine as much as they do after refining. Aquamarines can be cut into almost any shape. But generally, they are given emerald cuts or shaped as round or oval brilliants. Many a time, jewelry designers also fashion aquamarines into unique shapes. This is because the colour and clarity of the aquamarine are further enhanced by cutting it. 

Aquamarines are available in tiny, large, or very large sizes. The larger the stone is, the higher would be the carat. Most of the gemstones will range between one and three carats. The larger gemstones can be up to 16 carats. But amongst all, 25-carat or more gems are readily found. While smaller accent sizes are pale, cut gems of more than five carats are darker. 

As we wish you a very happy birthday, we also wish you have a great time choosing your birthstone, and post that, have a great life ahead. 


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