‘Wedding-Edit’ From The Diamond Store by Chandubhai Captures Persian Architectural Patterns

The Diamond Store by Chandubhai Wedding Edit collection

The Diamond Store by Chandubhai has launched its ‘Wedding-Edit’ collection that is inspired by elements of Persian architecture in combination with Indian elements. 

Natural elements like leaves, flowers, trees, and fruits have been aesthetically used.

The diamonds in this collection vary from round to fancy shapes of pears, baguettes, and tapers set along with different stones of rubies, emeralds, tanzanite, etc. 

The collection includes a curated selection of traditional and contemporary pieces. Intricately designed neckpieces, beautiful earrings, signature bangles, handcrafted chokers, and much more. 

The craftsmanship is in line to ensure that the different elements of every jewellery piece stand out and is yet in sync with the overall design.

This bespoke ‘Wedding-Edit’ collection from The Diamond Store by Chandubhai has a story and an appeal of its own to give an exquisite look to the bride’s personality. 



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