Mia by Tanishq Celebrates Bengaluru’s Sun Halo As ‘Circle of Hope’

Mia by Tanishq Celebrates Bengaluru's Sun Halo As 'Circle of Hope'

For Mia by Tanishq, customers sit at the heart of all operations, and as we tide through difficult times the brand aims to constantly seed positive messaging even as the dark clouds of COVID-19 continue to hover around.

While Bengaluru residents enjoyed the marvel of nature- a rainbow-coloured halo around the sun on May 24, Mia by Tanishq did it yet again and let out a sigh of relief and joy to share with their audiences.

Mia by Tanishq leveraged the beauty of nature’s phenomenon as ‘Circle of Hope’ through their Instagram stories to instill a sense of positivity and resilience in their customers. The brand posted engaging content on their Instagram stories and created buzz along with other viral images taken by the Bengaluru residents.

A sun Halo in this case and happens because of light interacting with ice crystals in the atmosphere. Owing to its radius around the sun (or moon, in a lunar halo), it’s often called a 22-degree halo. It’s a very common phenomenon in cold countries. But in our country, its occurrence is rare and cannot be predicted. 




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