IGI’s Retail Technical Training For CaratLane Redefines Confident Selling

IGI’s Retail Technical Training

With over a hundred new recruits at the session, the Retail Technical Training by IGI – International Gemological Institute, elevated the art selling to a whole new level with updated product knowledge and technical support. Right from the journey of a diamond from the mines to the market, its grading, and the settings in jewellery, the session successfully empowered the service team at attending to their customers with adequate product knowledge to instil a sense of confidence among their customers.

The Retail Technical Training is a comprehensive training session, which covers the many aspects of diamonds and diamond jewellery. Be it grading as per international standards, identification of synthetics, jewellery textures, or understanding the diamond certificate- the session content ensures a practically skilled team.



“IGI’s Retail Technical Training is good for our new team, especially after they spend a few months in the system. Our team thoroughly enjoyed the sessions and with the vast coverage in terms of concept, we are sure of a highly efficient team,” said Aakrosh Sharma, Senior Vice President, Merchandising at CaratLane Trading Pvt Ltd.

IGI’s Retail Technical Training









“At IGI, the focus is on empowering the front-end professionals. They are the real game-changers for the retailer. A perfectly trained team with the right kind of expertise synonymous to the success of a brand,” said Tehmasp Printer, President and Managing Director – IGI.

IGI’s Retail Technical Training









The training programs at IGI have been assisting corporate players to develop their teams for a futuristic retail experience. With customers trying to understand their diamonds better and make prudent choices, these sessions are a necessity to refine existing as well as new sales professionals to attend to the evolving needs of the customers as well as becoming a source of reliable knowledge for them. 


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