Mia by Tanishq Showcases Its Ethno-Contemporary Festive Collection, ‘Sway With Me’

Mia by Tanishq Showcases Its Ethno-Contemporary Festive Collection, ‘Sway With Me’.

With the festive season kicking in, the celebrations have already begun in full swing and with a great deal of enthusiasm. To revel in the festivities, Mia by Tanishq, one of India’s most fashionable jewellery brands launches #SwayWithMia campaign with an aim to create awareness about the brand’s latest and most exclusive, ethno-contemporary festive collection, ‘Sway With Me’.

Set in the celebratory context, the campaign,‘#SwayWithMia 60sec film conceptualized by Famous Innovations is a sincere attempt made by the brand to embrace optimism with joy and reignite the spirit of celebrations. The film gives viewers a sneak peek into the joyous moments expressed by a series of Mia women who find themselves grooving the moment they adorn Mia’s, Sway With Me collection. 

The upbeat background score and relatable narrative strike an instant chord with the audience. The film showcases the joy of swaying with Mia’s festive jewellery and the immediate transformation of our happier self, which sets us grooving instantaneously, bringing the mojo back into our lives. Whether it’s an early jobber finally moving on from her dreary job or a graceful 50-year-old playing the bass in a rock concert, someone stuck in an everyday traffic jam, or a young girl choosing to celebrate despite a broken leg, Mia brings joie de vivre in all of their moments. With the launch of the campaign for the festive season, Mia by Tanishq intends to reinstate its position as the most youthful and joyful jewelry brand of choice this festive season.


The campaign is inspired by the pleasure of dancing which is the perfect accompaniment to the contemporary Indian woman looking for exuberant but modern everyday celebrations. Mia jewellery is an extension of one’s personality, enabling the independent, confident women of today to enjoy life, be fluid and adaptive, take life as it comes and enjoy each challenge to make every moment count. Mia puts the spring in the step for women even in the most mundane situations. Through this campaign, Mia by Tanishq sets the right tone for celebrations for the modern Mia women who love to express themselves in the most authentic way. Mia by Tanishq urges women across all age groups to take a step back, enjoy each moment and live life to the fullest as it’s time to put your best foot forward, catch the rhythm of life, twirl, swing, and #SwayWithMia.


Speaking about the campaign, Shyamala Ramanan, Business Head, Mia by Tanishq, said, “Dance is one of the most primitive forms of self-expression – hardcoded in our brains. Even little babies move to the rhythm, such is the instinct. We dance because it is a great way to express emotion when words seem inadequate. Dance is simply a medium by which we show the world and ourselves who we truly are and who we want to be. Deep down in our hearts, we believe we are unique and when we sway to the music in our hearts we are reveling in our most authentic version of ourselves. Our latest Brand film celebrates the products inspired by the rhythmic sway of dance forms and the campaign is a tribute to a woman’s self-expression.”

Mithila Saraf, Business Head, Famous Innovations said, “We started with an inspiring collection in “Sway with Me” with fluid designs that symbolise freedom, dynamism, and joy – traits that are signature of Mia women too. We brought this alive with the insight that today’s young women bring life and rhythm to any situation they’re in, and nothing can stop them from celebrating themselves. The film is a simple illustration of that spirit.” 


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