GSI Becomes First Gemological Laboratory To Join The Plumb Club

GSI Becomes First Gemological Laboratory To Join The Plumb Club

Gemological Science International (GSI), one of the largest gemological organisations in the world, announced today its new membership in The Plumb Club, becoming the first-ever gemological laboratory to be invited to join the prestigious organisation.

“GSI is thrilled to become a member of The Plumb Club,” says Debbie Azar, President and Co-Founder of GSI. “We are honored to join this prestigious organisation that is recognised for its leadership and positive impact on the diamond and jewellery industry.”

Since its inception in 1983, The Plumb Club has been an organisation of responsible jewellery and watch suppliers committed to ethics and to observing the highest standards of business and personal conduct. All members annually sign The Plumb Club Code of Responsibility and seek to enhance retailer and consumer confidence in the club and its members. Recently, the board decided to allow respectable and fully vetted service suppliers to join the organisation. 

“The Plumb Club is thrilled to welcome GSI to our membership roster,” said Lawrence Hess, executive director of The Plumb Club. “With our Board’s recent decision to open membership to service providers, GSI will become the very first gem lab to join our membership.” 

GSI is a globally renowned gemological laboratory that offers a myriad of services to the diamond and jewellery industry including grading reports and services for diamonds (both natural and lab-grown), colored gemstones, and jewellery. GSI is the leader in the testing and detection of undisclosed lab-grown diamonds in finished jewellery. The company also offers a variety of educational programs to the trade and has a dedicated internationally recognised team of researchers, scientists, and professionals committed to advancing gemological research in the industry.



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