Tanishq Presents Cocktail Jewellery Collection ‘Colour Me Joy’

Tanishq’s cocktail collection, Colour Me Joy

Tanishq has unveiled a cocktail jewellery collection in a riot of colours, whimsical forms, and statement-detailing called, Colour Me Joy. The collection has been artistically designed with the intent to bring instant happiness and joy to the wearer. With unusual combinations of colors and vibrant juxtapositions of unique shapes of diamonds and natural gemstones, this vivacious line of jewellery truly evokes euphoria. 

The ‘Colour Me Joy’ collection is an adventurous mix of curved geometries and singular hues of natural amethysts, sapphires, emeralds, rubies, peridots, citrines, tanzanites, and tourmalines. Breaking away from traditional designs, each piece sparks a colourful jubilance, a contemporary charm much like the wearer herself. The unique amalgamation of diamonds and natural gemstones distills the feeling of ecstasy into a kaleidoscope of cocktail rings, earrings, and cuff bangles in 18Karat gold. From colourful shapes to poetic geometry, from the golden aura of citrines to the brilliance of sapphires and tourmalines that sing in a medley of happy hues, each piece is crafted to elicit joy.

Tanishq cocktail jewellery collection ‘Colour Me Joy’ features 42 exclusive pieces of contemporary earrings, rings, pendants, and cuff bangles, embellished with the brilliance of diamonds and playful, coloured natural gemstones, some of which take millions of years to form. This gives them an unparalleled vibrancy that is simply hard to replicate. The finishing of each flamboyant piece is wholesome- one can feel it on the back. The smoothness of the back gives an unprecedented level of comfort when one wears it. The alluring jali patterns on these pieces allow light to pass through so that the tones of these gemstones pop in the most natural way. Colour Me Joy is aesthetically designed in contemporary silhouettes to infuse glamour into cocktail parties and intimate rendezvous that give this collection a global appeal.

Speaking on the launch of the stunning collection, Revathi Kant, Chief Design Officer, Titan Company Limited said, “This collection is different. It’s celebrated. It’s singular. Every one of the pieces has been thoughtfully crafted for the fashion-forward woman with emphasis on designs that appeal to her adventurous, intuitive, and global sensibilities. It has been meticulously paired with blissful white diamonds, providing the apt cushion for the joyous hues of natural gemstones. The diverse andunique gifts of nature- citrines, peridots, tanzanites, and more such gemstones take the center stage here.” 

“The collection features brilliant colours, contrasting tones, complementary Ombres, and an arc of prismatic colours- all to inspire and transcend her to the world of endless possibilities. Rings, earrings, cuff bangles- all become one with her and truly bring out the feeling of euphoria.  The Colour Me Joy edit is for every woman who lives the pigment of her own imagination, sees the joy of life in all its hues, and revels in the poetry of her colours! We hope our latest collection can bring a delightful experience as you revel in the shades of joy,” she added.

Tanishq cocktail jewellery collection ‘Colour Me Joy’ celebrates stunning and meticulously crafted designs at Tanishq. The exquisite cocktail collection starts from INR 1 Lakh onwards and is available at select Tanishq stores and on Tanishq’s e-commerce enabled website.


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