Prakshi Fine Jewellery Launches A Gender-Fluid Jewellery Collection

Gender Neutral Collection by Prakshi Fine Jewellery

Prakshi Fine Jewellery started in 2014 with the vision of being a brand for today’s women, by a woman. Eight years later, it still has the design language of minimal, clean, and delicate cuts which keeps evolving with the spirit of times, with an ever-changing millennial mindset. ‘Hence, we asked ourselves a year earlier, if we needed a new collection to start catering to every gender, only to realise that jewellery is in fact, inherently gender-free.’

‘As we celebrate the month of love by accepting and loving ourselves first, we have gone through all our previous collections to curate ‘

It includes the scattered Citylights spread into ear jackets and bracelets, wings of freedom from Be Free in form of sliders, dreamy cuts put together from Escape, hottest selling spiral rings from Rise, beautifully broken pieces of Rewind collection inspired by architecture, enamel jewellery from Rewind in Colour, to eventually our latest – Flora, Vines and Dragonflies from Bloom for pretty much all your everyday fine jewellery needs.

The collection is available online and at Prakshi Fine Jewellery’s store in New Delhi and Mumbai. 


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