Tanishq Presents ‘Every Woman A Diamond’ Campaign

Tanishq Presents ‘Every Woman A Diamond’ Campaign

Tanishq, from Tata Group, has launched its latest campaign – ‘Every Woman a Diamond’. Through this campaign, the brand tells a compelling story on how Tanishq believes in celebrating the women of today and every woman deserves nothing less than a diamond to cherish who she has shaped herself to be.

Tanishq’s Every Woman a Diamond honors today’s woman by emphasising there is an extraordinary in the seemingly ordinary life journey of every woman. Tanishq has featured four Real women from different walks of life and attempted to capture moments that are easily relatable in every woman’s life and highlight how every woman should not just be celebrated for her wins but also cherish for who she is.

Tanishq celebrates four special women – Jaclyn, a pilot, a Real Madrid fan who kicks all prejudices aside and blazes forward like a diamond and lands whole flights of people to their desired destinations. Rehana is a self-care therapist, who is a force of nature and an unapologetic cat lover who can heal, help meditate and put the belief back into yoga. It’s her overwhelming energy that makes us treat our bodies like we would the most precious of diamonds. Alesha, a fashion designer, an entrepreneur who strongly believes good design is what can save the planet and is known for carving out a reputation for dressing up women of all sizes, straight up, brilliant as a diamond and effortlessly stylish and Ishani, an athlete, mountaineer, avid skier. Just as comfortable with glamour as she is with the laws of gravity, she looks forward to illuminating the lives of those around her as only the rarest diamonds do.

Tanishq offers a wide range of new designs of diamond rings, earrings, pendants, necklaces, bracelets, bangles, and more. Ranging from options that make your every day meaningful to be a part of your special days, the diamond range at Tanishq has all of the jewelry you’re looking for. The brand is here to celebrate women by offering up to 20 per cent off* on diamond jewelry value. The offer is valid across all Tanishq stores in India and is valid for a limited period only.

Ranjani Krishnaswamy, GM, Marketing, Tanishq, Titan Company Ltd., said, #EveryWomanADiamond’ is a celebration of the extraordinary in a woman’s life. Quintessentially women give themselves very little credit for the real transformational journey they go through in their lives – navigating work, home, motherhood, relationships, dreams & aspirations, the world of expectations, choices & decisions that come with all of these. A moment of pause, a lens of the extraordinary, a tone of self-realization, & a note of self-appreciation is what this campaign is visioned to convey.

We at Tanishq believe women and diamonds have an intrinsic relationship and nothing less than Tanishq diamonds are befitting to celebrate the extraordinary story of her life. The real sparkle of diamonds comes from the woman who adorns it, who lends her radiance to make the diamonds shine a little brighter. We are offering the largest assortment of stunning diamonds that are designed keeping in mind the quintessential women of today. We truly hope our diamonds can match the brilliance of all the women out there!”

Shop with the confidence of enhanced ‘Gold Standard’ safety protocols at your nearest Tanishq store or choose to shop online from the comfort of your home at www.Tanishq.co.in


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