Prakshi Fine Jewellery Presents ‘Dragonfly’ Collection

Prakshi Fine Jewellery Presents 'Dragonfly' Collection

Every new season is a new beginning, a clean slate, a chance to grow, a chance to experiment. It just gives us a feeling of moving forward. In that spirit, Prakshi Fine Jewellery has launched its limited-edition ‘dragonfly’ collection along with distinct but wearable pieces of contemporary jewellery to up your fashion vocabulary. 

Dragonflies signify growth, adaptability, mysticism, and new beginnings. What better time than the first month of the year to wear it. The collection is statement-making because of its distinct motif but is also very minimal which makes it more wearable on a day-to-day basis. There’s a range of rings, in diamonds and coloured gemstones sculpted in 18k white, yellow and black gold that you can wear individually for a conversation starter; and individual pieces of a collar, choker, necklace, ear cuff, ear sliders and a bracelet to complete the look.

To find the fine line between classic and statement jewellery, there’s also a lot of fun and vibrance in the form of emeralds, rubies, and sapphires imagined to integrate the floral and coloured gemstone trend with Prakshi’s minimal and plush vocabulary of rare cuts. From contemporary renditions of the traditional “haath phool” and ‘kaan phool” in the form of palm cuffs and ear cuffs, to diamond string chokers convertible to tennis bracelets. From layerable fine necklaces to stackable rings. From the most fuss-free earrings in the form of sliders to the easiest neckpiece to wear in the form of collar neckbands, PFJ is offering a range of evergreen and the most innovative yet ergonomic designs in this collection.

Investing in the right fine jewelry and styling it in unique ways not just keeps it more sustainable and cost-effective, but also what distinguishes you from the rest. The Dragonfly collection is available online and at Prakshi’s stores in New Delhi and Mumbai.


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