BlueStone’s Latest Collection ‘Plique-à-jour’ Takes Inspiration From The Birds of Paradise

BlueStone's Latest Collection 'Plique-à-jour' Takes Inspiration From The Birds of Paradise

BlueStone, India’s leading omnichannel fine jewellery retailer has announced the launch of its new Spring-Summer collection, aptly titled ‘Plique-à-jour’, which in French translates to, ‘letting in daylight’, articulating the spirit of spring and natural beauty, with its unique vitreous enameling technique. In this technique, the enamel is applied into the cells of the jewellery piece with no backing, allowing light to shine through the transparent or translucent enamel, making the jewellery bloom with radiance.

The ‘Plique-à-jour’ collection draws Inspiration from the exotic Birds of Paradise – a species of birds found in tropical rainforests, adorned with bright feathers in vibrant hues. Birds of paradise are a staunch symbol of freedom, joy, faithfulness, love, and thoughtfulness, sentiments that are beautifully reflected in the new collection, created with intricate enamelling techniques, similar to the cloisonné process, an ancient technique for decorating metalwork objects with colored material. With 31 uniquely exquisite pieces, the Plique-à-jour collection is being offered at a starting price of Rs. 8,100, making it the perfect ornament, either for oneself or a loved one.  

BlueStone’s latest collection ‘Plique-à-jour’ features a new and well-crafted range of jewellery in the form of statement rings, elegant earrings, delicate bracelets, and trendy watch accessories It is incredibly versatile, and pairs well with both daytime and nighttime looks. It complements women who live out their dreams, and who exude grace, peace, and a love for the artistic side of life. It also stands as a bold note of self-expression for those who don’t only dress to impress, but who love to dream big. Be it a classy dinner or a beautiful summer day, the Plique-à-jour is bound to add a touch of elegance and color to the wearer’s outfit.

Speaking on the launch of this unique collection, Vipin Sharma, Chief Merchandising Officer, BlueStone said, “At BlueStone we continue to focus on incorporating unique techniques to bring forward exquisite collections that are in keeping with what our customers seek. The new Plique-à-jour collection is an ode to spring and draws inspiration from the natural beauty around us. The combination of this unique technique, coupled with vibrant hues and delicate silhouettes will surely appeal to the aficionados of fine jewellery with a modern twist.”

 The marquee piece of BlueStone’s latest collection is ‘The Siofra Ring’, a beautiful earthy Plique-à-jour ring in spring tones and diamond-studded details. The ring, which resembles the vibrant feathers of Birds of Paradise is a tribute to women who wish to dream big and who want their jewellery to be a symbol of their self-expression – in hues that reflect their bright imaginations. The 18Kt gold ring is adorned with 5 diamonds, adding a touch of colour and sparkle to any kind of outfit.

 ‘The Aurina Drop Earrings’ is the second key piece in the collection that is sure to make heads turn with their elegant silhouettes and exquisitely crafted designs. The earrings are adorned with pastel celestial hues of blue and pink and are in line with the hottest trends in jewellery this season. The earrings are adorned with a total of 42 diamonds and 2 vibrant blue sapphires and are encased in 18Kt gold, giving the wearer a truly luxurious and glamorous feel. 


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