Temple Jewellery Has Made A Comeback And How!

temple jewellery set for marriage
Reliance Jewels's temple jewellery collection 'Apurvam'

Looking to steal the show in the upcoming family wedding or a family function? Give a shot to temple jewellery for sure. Embossed with the depictions of god and goddesses in its design, this ethnic jewellery is all things festive. While it allows you to make a strong statement, its magnificence does not go unnoticed by the onlookers. What’s more!

temple jewellery set in gold
Kashi Jewellers

Temple jewellery designs are used to craft not just an elaborate necklace or choker but also a stunning range of earrings, rings, bracelets, bangles, and waistbands.

Glorious History Of Temple Jewellery

This style of jewellery originated in the 9th century during the Chola dynasty. It was essentially designed to adorn the idols of deities in the temple. In the earlier times, it was made out of the gold donated to the temples and was only reserved for the deities and royals. Temple dancers and devotees later started wearing replicas of those designs capturing the beauty of the temple’s architecture, deities, and its glorious history. As it also evokes religious sentiment, over time it became an essential jewellery piece in any south Indian bride’s trousseau.

Temple deity jewellery
Temple bracelet by ANMOL with carvings of Indian Goddess crafted in 22K gold

A Modern Take On This Traditional Jewel

temple jewellery set for marriage
Meraki by P Mangatram (Tvum collection)

Originally, it is made in pure gold. But with time, jewellery designers have been giving it their own spin as well. While embellishing it with precious and non-precious stones for a more opulent look, jewellery designers are crafting this majestic jewel in various other inexpensive metals. Made generally in pure gold, temple jewellery also has peacock, lotus, bells, coins, trees, leaves…in its design, apart from the goddesses. Most of these designs even today are made in Nagercoil, Tamil Nadu.

How To Style In Temple Jewellery?


Temple jewellery necklace
Navrathan Jewellers

Wearing temple jewellery with a Kanjeevaram saree is all more divine feeling. The golden sheen across the get up, makes it feels as if the goddess of beauty has descended from heaven. This is why from centuries ago and still today, temple jewellery has been a hot favourite amongst brides-to-be.
temple jewellery choker
House of MBj
Since most classical dance forms are about god and goddesses, classical dancers, as a ritual, wear temple jewellery to add more drama to their costume.
temple jewellery necklace gold
Navrathan Jewellers

In modern times, celebs and fashion-conscious women mix and match traditional jewellery with indo-western attires to make a statement and in this pursuit, they have rounded off a whole new look with temple jewellery. But yes, just keep in mind that your attire is subtle and simple to allow the jewellery to pop up well.



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