Platinum Days Of Love Launches Latest Love Band Collection To Celebrate Eternal Love

PGI | LOVE LEADS US 2.0 - Platinum Days Of Love celebrates the love that leads to a better tomorrow, with a collection of exquisitely crafted love bands

The ferocity of the second wave of the pandemic caught everyone unaware. It brought people to a breaking point and brought with it a negative spiral due to the collapse of various systems. Couples had just about started to pick up the pieces of their foiled plans when the second wave tore away at the remaining shreds of their long-standing and painstakingly built future plans. It was a roller coaster of emotions, grief, anxiety, anger, and disillusionment. Weddings were once again indefinitely postponed, as every day posed a challenge. It was during these trying times that couples discovered the resilience that defined their love. They stood by each other, understanding the emotional turmoil experienced by their partners, and held on tight as their love steered them away from the darkness of despair towards the light of hope and compassion.

Love that is strong in the face of such angst and enables couples to move forward towards what truly matters is nothing short of a miracle. These past few months indeed stand as a testament to this rare love. It is truly one that deserves to be commemorated with a metal as rare and everlasting as precious platinum.

Born of the stars and brought to Earth when a meteorite crashed into the planet over 2 billion years ago, platinum is extremely rare. Because of the metal’s inherent density and strength, it offers an extremely secure hold on gemstones and is resistant to wear and tear, making for jewellery that lasts a lifetime. Platinum, a noble metal is non-corrosive, never to fade or tarnish, staying unchanged and naturally white through the passage of time. Embodying these unique qualities, crafted with 95 per cent pure platinum, Platinum Love Bands from Platinum Guild India are thus an ideal marker of love. A love that mirrors the strength to power through challenges, anchored in modern values much sought after today, of strength, resilience, empathy, and compassion for each other.

While the design narrative of each set of love bands from Platinum Days of Love includes geometric patterns, delicate markings, intricate motifs, clean lines, embellishments of diamonds, and a two-tone play of metal, the storytelling makes for it to be the perfect marker of the couple’s journey through this time. A perfect symbol of a love that is undoubtedly rare and will always lead the way to a better tomorrow!

Here are a few of our favourite picks and the meaning behind those designs: 

These Platinum Love Bands with a matching line of solitaires held together by naturally white platinum making them dazzle brighter, celebrate the shared values and goals that make you grateful for one another.

The indents and grooves on these platinum love bands capture how the two of you meet halfway to lift the other up and push each other onwards. Crafted in one of the strongest metals known to man to signify your enduring love.

The two of you always shine brighter together – just how naturally white platinum brings out the best in diamonds, the two of you encourage each other through it all, to invariably come out shining brighter. These platinum love bands from Platinum Days of Love with geometric motifs and stunning sparklers are the perfect embodiment of your rare love.

These love bands capture how the two of you, complete in yourselves, are so much more together. Crafted in platinum– a metal that’s as hard to find as your rare love.

Yours is a story of strength that only the strongest of metals can tell – platinum. As each other’s pillars of strength, you two stand strong through it all, emerging resilient from every storm – captured in the solid parallel lines that run strong beside each other in these Platinum Love Bands.


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