Zoya’s Latest Collection Libera – A Modern Take On Femininity

Zoya - A TATA Product, Libera
Libera collection by Zoya - A TATA Product

Zoya, the exquisite diamond boutique from the House of Tatas has introduced Libera, a stunning new collection that is a poetic ode to the flow of an unfettered mind. In keeping with Zoya’s tradition of peerless design innovation, the visual vocabulary of this timeless collection seeks cues in the artistic joie de vivre of the late 1800s, presenting experimental silhouettes with timeless craft, that are as original as they are diverse.

The exuberance of dance coalesces in Libera’s sinuous lines, accentuated by sensuous forms swirling in a hurricane of drapery. This modern collection makes a statement with art nouveau trope and stylistic detailing, presenting rare jewellery in exquisitely fluid and feminine forms. Libera is an enduring masterpiece that perfectly blends artistic expression and inspired craftsmanship. Novel, ornate and elegant, it is created to delight the quintessential Zoya woman.

Libera connects with the inner world of its muse, as she transcends the limitations of external validation, reconnects with her own femininity, and embraces the woman she truly is. Stepping away from the frivolity of trends, her fable is skilfully immortalised in a soothing pastel palette of the finest diamonds, mother of pearl, opal, champagne diamonds, complimented with highlights of cabochon rubies and emeralds by Zoya’s master craftsmen. Every piece in Libera is like a powerful, personal talisman that enables her to find her flow.

“At Zoya we consider every woman to be a heroine who is on her very own, unique, journey of self-discovery. Over the last year, we have noticed women becoming more conscious and meaningful in the way they are living life and making choices,” says Ajoy Chawla, CEO of Titan’s Jewellery Division. “We thought, Libera was a befitting festive collection, being as significant in meaning as it is aesthetically appealing. It is metaphorically based on a time that marks the genesis of the celebration of femininity in a modern context. With a distinct whiplash line, the collection reverberates with artistic expression featuring feminine silhouettes that are relevant to the Zoya woman.”

Zoya’s latest collection Libera’s ‘Unchained Elegance’ showcases an emerald stone surrounded by rose cut and brilliant round diamonds. Flawless, eternal, and with just fission of mystery, this statement necklace is an elegant nod to a woman who is happy to be herself. Another unique piece mirrors the movements of a dancer unfurling the drapes of her dress, as though emerging from a cocoon. Intricate workmanship shows a butterfly pendant that holds an oval ruby cabochon in a frame enhanced with luminous mother of pearl and dangling chains. It is aptly titled ‘On Wings of Beauty’ for the woman who doesn’t need wings to fly. Mirroring the secret chambers of an art nouveau theatre, ‘A Flow of Light’ is a pair of chandelier earrings with surreal and detailed accents that lend grandeur to the milieu. A mother-of-pearl of spectacular rarity is embraced by diamonds and ebbs down to a drop-shaped emerald suspended as if in space flowing into rivers of shimmering rose-cut diamonds.

Myriad cuts display the breadth of Zoya’s virtuosity from carved stones and cabochons to faceted stones. The vibrant and impetuous spirit of its muse is reflected in the gemstones of Libera that traverse the spectrum. Cabochon pink tourmalines, morganites, opals, tanzanites, rock crystals, and emeralds combine with black, champagne diamonds, and pearls to create an exuberant palette guaranteed to set your imagination free.

“Zoya’s creations are designed with a goal to elevate the ordinary to an unforgettable, artistic statement with each new collection. With Libera, masterful handcrafting combines with cutting edge technical innovation to deliver an exaggerated and flamboyant construct that bring alive the sensuality, art, dances ,and couture of the era, in this rare and artistic line-up” says Revathi Kant, Titan’s Chief Design Officer.

A series of interview on Zoya’s Instagram with women such as actors Gul Panag, renowned dancers Manjari Chaturvedi and Madhu Nataraj, award-winning Sufi singer Sonam Kalra, reflect the essence and artistic expression that is the collection Libera.


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