Tanishq Voyage Diamond Pendant – An Ode To The Inspiring Journey Of A Woman

Tanishq Voyage diamond pendant

Tanishq, India’s largest jewellery retail brand from the house of Tata has launched an exclusive statement diamond pendant with a unique contemporary touch called, ‘Voyage’ to celebrate the myriad facets of a woman and celebrate her magnificent journey.

Tanishq is a brand synonymous with women, believes in, and celebrates womanhood all year though. Tanishq honors women embracing and celebrating various facets and characteristics of their personality which are distinct, innate, powerful yet endearing. It is about the choices that help metamorphose her from ‘where she is’ to ‘where she wants to go.’

Tanishq’s exclusive diamond pendant is a reminiscence of her glorious voyage of various life-altering choices she had to make and is a reminder of her life’s beautiful journey filled with blissful moments that paved the way through the unchartered highs where the stars now recognize her as one of their own. Tanishq’s Voyage diamond pendant is symbolic of the different facets of a woman each shining and exuberating brilliance. The bold and edgy design reflect the audacious and progressive choices she continues to make by overcoming inhibitions and creating new algorithms representing her positive attitude towards life.

Speaking on the exclusive launch of Tanishq Voyage diamond pendant, Abhishek Rastogi, Head of Design, Jewellery Divison, Titan Company Limited said, “My muse for this exquisite design, called ‘Voyage’, is the woman of today and her unparalleled journeys. The bold design brings alive the extraordinary in the seemingly ordinary life journey of every woman. Through this stunning pendant, I wanted to celebrate the flair of the million facets of a woman’s life, each shining beautifully in diamonds and as brilliant as the million suns.”

“The unconventional beauty of princess cut diamonds emulates these vivid facets that are a paradox of classic wisdom and contemporary values, overcoming inhibitions and representing her progressive outlook. She deserves nothing less than a diamond to cherish who she has shaped herself to be,” he added.

Tanishq’s newly launched Voyage Diamond Pendant is here to cast a mesmerizing spell with a constellation of diamonds creating a charming aura besides enhancing the look of the wearer. The exquisite Voyage diamond pendant is now available in select Tanishq stores across the country with price available on request.


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