Zoya Celebrates A Decade Of Design Excellence With Iconic Creations

Eiffel Tower Bangle from Musee du Luxe Collection by Zoya - A TATA Product

Zoya, the exquisite diamond boutique from the House of Tata, celebrates a decade of illustrious artistry with rare masterpieces in diamond, gold, and precious stones. 

With its heart rooted in India and a discerning eye on the world, Zoya has redefined the way fine jewellery is designed and experienced in India. Every singular creation presented by Zoya is a unique celebration of design, style, and craftsmanship, both iconic and timeless, and now the brand is celebrating ‘A Decade Of Design Excellence’ with treasured 10 designs. 

On this special milestone, Amanpreet Ahluwalia, Business Head, Zoya, shares that “The growth of the brand has been based on a passion for distinguished design and an innate understanding of the woman it resonates with.” He attributes the success of the Zoya brand of jewellery to the beautiful blend of rare form and versatile wearability that makes customers evangelical advocates of Zoya, and this is what according to him sets Zoya apart.

Let’s take a look at 11 curated timeless marvels with inspired and meaningful collections that make it to the lineup of ‘A Decade Of Design Excellence’.

La Duna Rosa

Zoya’s iconic La Duna Rosa finds design inspiration in the exotic Spanish flamenco dancers and resonance in the bold passion of the woman who wears it. From design to rendition, La Duna Rosa is a labour of love, divided into 4 sections and crafted with scrupulous attention to detail. The petals of this sensual masterpiece are carefully imbued with artistic micro-pave diamonds, set with such extreme precision that the prongs holding them melt into invisibility. Each petal appears in a continuous, shaded bed of 1300 champagne and white diamonds while pink chequered tourmaline reflects the subtle beauty of a rose in bloom, recreating the unbridled passion of the flamenco dancer.

Green Apple Necklace

As winter fades in Kashmir, blooms of fruits and flora adorn the spring in this contemporary tubular necklace, a captivating arrangement of diamonds and cabochon emeralds reminiscent of the valley’s famous green apples. Celebrating the scenic beauty of unequalled splendour, the subtlety of the natural finish of white gold provides an appealing and distinctive bed for the diamonds. The skill and artistry of Zoya’s craft is evident in the fluidity of the necklace, made with extensive joinery, to sit comfortably on every neck.

Eiffel Tower Bangle

Encapsulating the myriad facets of Paris, the Musee du Luxe collection is a celebration of the enchanting allure of the city in precious gems. The Eiffel Tower serves as the design inspiration for this artistic masterpiece, bringing alive the romance that blooms in the heart of the one who adorns this. In this free-form, avant-garde interpretation, the complex lattice structure of the tower is brought alive with rose gold mesh and the night lights with brilliant-cut diamonds. Emerald-cut tanzanite stones in royal blue are meticulously set on a bed of diamonds on the chamfered end, complementing the rose gold perfectly. The tanzanite slopes with grace and delicacy on unequal prongs, a feat that renders this rare creation into a technical marvel, enabling the stones to disperse the light in a way that recreates the Parisian night sky bathed in a sea of twinkling stars, drawing admiration and conversation alike.


Arachne is inspired by the Greek legend of the renowned weaver who boasted that her skill was greater than that of even Athena and arrogantly challenged the goddess to a contest. Envious of the magnificent tapestry and outraged at the mortal weaver’s choice of subject the love and transgressions of the gods, Athena destroyed Arachne’s work and changed her into a spider, cursed to weave until the end of time. Arachne, the golden weaver, spins for the Immortals, an exquisite, carved turquoise challenge. In an ode to the legend, each minuscule turquoise piece is individually custom cut and placed by lapidary artists in a complex web of gold that encases it, immortalizing every facet of the wonderous tale as it metamorphosizes into a Zoya masterpiece.

Crescent Rose Earrings

Handcrafted in gleaming gold, these elegant earrings with floral motifs capture the timeless splendor of the Baroque art. Giving traditional craft contemporary form, Zoya’s master craftsmen hand-carve each petal of the rose in an exquisite demonstration of intricate chittai work. Each petal is then soldered on individually to render a finished masterpiece worthy of being revered. Etched with two shining Polki diamonds and cream pearls are set in pirohi to accentuate its shape, Zoya’s Crescent Rose Earrings make a sensual and seductive statement with grace and fluidity.

1920’s Braided Necklace

Anita Page defined the glamour of the 1920s with her braided hair and flapper dresses. Inspired by her iconic braids, this gold necklace from Zoya’s 6299 Hollywood Blvd collection, in yellow and white gold, lined with glistening diamond baguettes, romances a glorious, 9-carat emerald. The braids are technically mastered for flexibility, so the stunning necklace drapes with fluidity around the neck.

Florence Baptistry Earrings

The stark symmetrical lines of the Florence Baptistry are intuitively celebrated in this pair of eponymous earrings. With these earrings, Zoya envisions the infamous architecture in the Florentine Romanesque style and reimagines it in contemporary accents. Flawless amethysts are sourced and then meticulously custom cut in a tapering octagon with careful grooving before being cushioned in the earring in a striking geometry of ink gold.

Lotus Hasli Necklace

Standing on the banks of the Ganges, Zoya draws on inspirations from a city more ancient than time itself. The path of a majestic lotus is elaborately etched in gold nakashi, while uncut diamonds adorn its leaves. Zoya gives contemporary form to traditional craft, crafting this modern hasli in oxidised gold. Stunning lotuses draw one’s attention, with each petal meticulously enamelled in the dying art of Gulabi Meenakari, and then individually soldered with a thin border of gold to create this artistic masterpiece. The magnificent skill of Zoya’s artisans is also evident in the fine details of Varanasi Meena that is employed to craft the rose in pink and white enamel. A golden leaf crafted with chittai offers a delicate contrast to dewdrops of uncut diamond rolling off it.

Krsna Bangle

Inspired by the Sudarshan Chakra, this bangle by Zoya immortalizes the tales of Krsna in gold and diamonds. Raised elements depict the sharp edges of the chakra, with scintillating polki tips of uncut diamonds. Intricately engraved using the traditional art of partaj, this timeless masterpiece is meticulously chiselled with appeasing floral and leaf motifs for a graceful look. Extending into the smallest areas, the partaj is achieved by a combination of hand and machine carving giving this work of art, a graceful and elegant look.

Peonies Ring

The Parisian spring comes alive in this magnificent ring, centred around a peony made of white gold and set in a gradient of diamonds and rubies using the rare and incredibly precise micro-pave technique. The peony symbolises prosperity and this ring is sure to transport you to a fairy tale wedding in Paris. Just as the peonies enhance the beauty of windowsills, this ring heightens the charm of the wearer.

Cardinal Creeper Earrings

The Cardinal creeper earrings personify the determination and strength of a woman to rise against all odds. Intricately carved and accurately placed with precision, clusters of rubies and graded tourmalines are flanked by diamond-studded leaves and buds to bring into life the crimson flowers of the Cardinal Vine that constantly advance to greater heights.


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