Birthstone For April Babies: Diamonds

Birthstone for April babies: Diamonds
Diamond earrings by Varuna D Jani

Others can’t help but envy April babies. The birthstone not only brings luck but also is one of the most celebrated gems under the sun. Irrespective of which month you are born, this sparkle and shine of diamond are irresistible. However, when it comes to buying, a lot of us as often the least confident. But not anymore. Here is the most simplified version of ‘4Cs of diamonds for you to pick the one made for you with utmost confidence this time. 


Forevermark Black Lable Collection
Different diamond cuts from the Forevermark Black Lable Collection
Cut should be a crucial aspect of choosing a diamond. It is essentially what determines the ratio, regularity, and sparkle of a diamond. If the Cut is right, it will boost the sparkle of the diamond. The better the cut, the brighter will be the diamond. This is why always go for a rightly cut diamond, as it enhances the Color and Clarity by default.  
Dynasty Diamond Alrosa
The 51.38-carat ‘Dynasty’ diamond unearthed by mining company ALROSA.

As the light passes through a diamond, it bounces back and this is why the diamond sparkles. But when there are imperfections in the form of inclusions or blemishes, the light is blocked and that hampers the look of the diamond. In simpler words, the more the inclusions and spots, the lesser is the clarity. However, don’t let go of a diamond merely because of blemishes and spots if you are buying a diamond of less than one carat, as they are not visible to a layman. Just focus on the right Cut.   
Diavik Diamond Mine
The 552-carat yellow diamond unearthed at the Diavik Diamond Mine in Canada by Dominion Diamond Mines

Know that the colour range is so subtle in diamonds that most of the time, it is hard for a layperson to tell one from the other, and rightly so – the colours range from D (colourless) to Z (light yellow). However, the colour impacts the price and quality of a diamond, and bear in mind, the colourless diamonds are the most expensive ones. But yes, if you are buying a diamond of two or more carats, then the colour would be noticeable and hence, if the diamond is yellowish, choose white gold or platinum as its base metal for a vivid symphony of the two.   

The Letlapa Tala Collection
The Letlapa Tala (Blue Rock) Collection, a set of five blue diamonds, sourced from the famed Cullinan Mine in South Africa by Petra Diamonds Limited

Carat (not to confuse with gold’s karat) is basically the weight of the diamond. So if you ask what would be the ideal carat to buy a diamond, the answer is simple – the size of diamond you desire and the one that your budget permits. Remember, two diamonds of the same carat will have different prices, as the other 3 Cs also have a bearing on the final price of a diamond. Just a friendly piece of advice – go for 0.90 carats over a 1-carat diamond. Here’s why. Given the perceived value of the 1-carat diamond, it is in more demand, and therefore, sellers charge a premium for it. But unless you keep both 1 carat and 0.9-carat diamonds next to each other, you will never be able to tell the difference. 


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