Men of Platinum Launches Its Latest Collection In Partnership With Cricketer KL Rahul

Cricketer KL Rahul Men of Platinum

Be it life as we know it or a game of cricketone needs to steer through and negotiate the challenging circumstances that it brings. There are choices to be made at every point in this fast-changing world. Choices that put one’s values and character to the test. Choices between being feared or remembered. Between following the tried and true or charting a new path. Between blindly chasing ambition or letting values lead the way to success. Between personal glory or being a pillar of strength to someone. These choices become defining moments of truth and only a rare few come through on them staying true to their principles. They are men of rare character; they are Men of Platinum. 

Inspired by these men of rare character, Platinum Guild India’s Men of Platinum has joined hands with ace cricketer KL Rahul to launch a new collection of exquisitely crafted platinum jewellery for men. This collection is a celebration of the myriad of values that come together to forge his constitution and his choice to remain focused on building a new tomorrow. It offers a wide range of intricately designed pieces that include platinum chains, rings, and wrist wear. True to platinum the collection is cast with clean, bold lines. Its design language includes distinctive emblems, crests in solid forms, and aerodynamic elements. Intricate details with different facets & incisions embellish the solidity of form.

Cricketer KL Rahul Men of Platinum

KL Rahul shared his thoughts on the association as he stated, “Every day on the field is a new day with new challenges, and decisions, even the tough ones, have to sometimes be made within split seconds. It is in those crucial moments that our character and values get tested. It proves our mettle as Men of Character.

For me, platinum fits right in with my sense of style. It is rare, understated, classy, minimalistic, and makes a statement with quiet confidence. And Men of Platinum the brand truly embodies the values that make for a rare character, it is what success today looks like, what sets men apart both on the pitch and off it.”

Talking of the association Sujala Martis, Director – Consumer Marketing, Platinum Guild International – India stated “Platinum is a rare metal with an exceptional bundling of qualities, authenticity, strength, tenacity, resilience are all key attributes of platinum that make it truly precious. Men perceive it to be a symbol of style and success. The Men of Platinum brand is created for men who embody the exemplary values that platinum stands for even in the choices they make. Sports like cricket bring alive the need to uphold values at every potential turn creating that perfect synergy between the brand and the world of cricket. KL Rahul was a natural choice given his popularity and sense of style; the association will help further our stance as we join hands with him.”

Platinum’s story of origin too is as unique as the men that favour it. Billions of years ago, a meteorite crash left behind remnants of this stunning white metal, and it has since been a symbol of what is truly rare and precious. Platinum never loses its natural white sheen. Designed to endure, it’s a metal that stays solid and strong despite years of wear. Thus, never losing its form along the way. With the promise of 95 per cent purity, platinum jewellery delivers the finest qualities that the metal has to offer.

The collection available across major retail stores includes a range of versatile pieces. Each piece specially designed to reflect a sense of style that is as classy as the man who adorns it.

The metal is steadily becoming the metal of choice for young India. Its appeal lies in the values it stands for and the meaning embedded in each design. Thus, making it apt to mark any moment of personal significance. Know more about the collection here.


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