Sushmita Sen Launches Zoya’s Festive Collection, Libera

Sushmita Sen launches Zoya's festive collection, Libera
Ajoy Chawla, CEO, Jewellery Division, Titan, Sushmita Sen and Revathi Kant, Chief Design Officer, Titan at the launch of Zoya's festive collection, Libera

Zoya, the exquisite diamond boutique from the House of Tata, launched its stunning new collection Libera with Sushmita Sen, Ajoy Chawla, CEO of Titan’s Jewellery Division, and Revathi Kant, Titan’s Chief Design Officer. In keeping with Zoya’s tradition of peerless design innovation, the visual vocabulary of this elegant collection seeks cues in the artistic joie de vivre of the art nouveau movement of the late 1800s, presenting experimental silhouettes with timeless craft, that are as original as they are diverse.

The exuberance of dance coalesces in Libera’s sinuous lines, accentuated by sensuous forms swirling in a hurricane of drapery. Every piece in Libera is like a powerful, personal talisman that enables her to find her flow. Novel, ornate and elegant, it is created to delight the quintessential Zoya woman. Libera connects with the inner world of its muse, a poetic ode to the flow of an unfettered mind.

Sushmita Sen reveals her take on this beautiful collection, her jewellery style quotient, and more.

Are you fond of diamonds? What is your aesthetic when it comes to fine jewellery?

I am very fond of diamonds. I love the sparkle of a diamond, it’s so full of hope. I’m not a very seasonal person. I like timeless jewellery! For me buying a diamond symbolises hope and empowerment.

Your association with Zoya:

I’ve been part of Zoya’s launches before, so it’s an old connection, an old trust, and a beautiful collection that brings me here. And of course, it is the House of Tata, so you feel part of the most beautiful, authentic connection with India.

Your reaction to Libera by Zoya, how does it match your aesthetic?

Libera is an elegant collection with a beautiful thought behind every piece. Zoya described the inspiration to me as the fable of a heroine’s life and this collection celebrates someone whose identity is so strong that she no longer seeks external validation and instead embraces the woman she truly is. Libera represents that depth, and I connect with that idea. Why would you want to be shallow anyway? An Indian woman is much more than traditions, she’s contemporary, she’s today, and she doesn’t need to wear a whole lot of jewellery to announce her arrival or crave attention. She does it for herself. She celebrates herself. This idea makes me super proud. All the pieces I’m wearing today are from Libera. The pieces in this collection don’t scream for attention, but still, command respect and are memorable. I like that. And it is lovely to be a part of this launch today.

Which are your favourite picks from Libera?

My favourite piece from this collection is the necklace I’m wearing. It’s called ‘Unchained Elegance’ and it represents the concept of flow very beautifully. It graces your neck with fluidity and gives you the feeling of being very royal and elegant. I also love these earrings with their rows of diamonds that look like ornate theatre drapes, with a flawless mother of pearl in the centre. The bracelet I’m wearing is also unusual, with a mother of pearl inlay under an ornate diamond setting. It’s something that is quite novel in India.

How do you find your flow?

For me, simply watching my breath come in and go out is a way to find my flow. It’s a reminder that you are constantly flowing, even when you are still. In the bigger picture, acceptance creates flow. The minute I accept whatever it is around me, I can move forward, the flow comes naturally. Flow essentially means flowing forward.

Stepping away from the frivolity of trends, Libera immortalises the heroine’s journey in a soothing pastel palette of the finest diamonds, mother of pearl, opal, champagne diamonds, complimented with highlights of cabochon rubies and emeralds by Zoya’s master craftsmen. Libera is an enduring masterpiece that perfectly blends artistic expression and inspired craftsmanship, it is a collection that represents timeless luxury.


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